Thus far, antalla has the following key features:

  • ☒ Integration with major centralised exchanges (CEX) REST API and Web Socket streams

  • ☒ Locally reconstructable and real-time order books

  • ☒ Executed trade and aggregated order book data for large CEXs

  • ☒ Regular order book snapshots

  • ☒ Visualistions (e.g. order books, trades)

  • ☐ Extensive unit and integration tests

Fetching Market Data

At any point in time, one can fetch the latest coin prices in USD, the markets offered by each exchange, as well as the respective 24h traded volume. The traded volume can also be normalised to USD in order to allow for more informative comparisons.

All of the aforementioned can be fetched by running the command:

antalla init-data

Each time init-data is run, the price and volume information is updated in the db. This is equivalent to running the individual commands:

antalla markets
antalla fetch-prices
antalla norm-volume