This project currently only supports PostgreSQL as a backend. Before installing Python packages, you will need to have the development libraries of PostgreSQL. For Ubuntu, run the following command

sudo apt install libpq-dev


The project requires Python 3.6 or above. In order to get started clone the project from Github and install all dependencies:

git clone
cd antalla
pip install -e .

You should then be able to use the CLI, see antalla -h for the available commands. Each subargument is further explained running:

anatalla <subarg> --help

The database URL can be set through the DB_URL environment variable. For example

export DB_URL="postgresql+psycopg2://antalla:antalla-password@"

See the SQLAlchemy documentation about psycopg2 for more details about the URL scheme.

Once the database setup is completed, you can run the antalla unit tests, which should all pass. Tests can be run with the command:

python test